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Welcome to the Healing Intention Community & Clinic!

We are a collaboration of Healing Arts professionals who offer alternative techniques, products and services to support well-being.  We serve the community with healing alternatives and wish to support you, your family, and friends as part of your health care plan.  We are your “go-to” location for non-invasive screening, pain & stress management, and mind-body approaches to health.   This includes setting and maintaining positive intentions for healing along with incorporating tested and proven techniques to assist you.   Our qualified and certified practitioners are skilled in a variety of techniques.  Please cruise through the Practitioner Profiles to see what we offer, and check back often as we add more services.  Many services are offered remotely, so if you do not live in the area but wish to experience positive healing intentions with our staff, please contact us!

Please sign up for the mailing list at the right so you can be notified of our events, services and special offers.  They are intended to help you experience multiple dimensions of your healing potential.  Our newsletter contains useful information and healing prayers sent out on a periodic basis.   When you become a part of this community, you join the field of positive healing intentions.

Are you a Healing Arts Practitioner?  Want to be part of a growing number of people wanting to shift consciousness and create healing?  We are a community that shares the belief that healing comes from within and that when we create the intentions for healing as a group, we can impact the world!  Please see our Tenets.  You may want to get involved by sharing your healing gifts in the clinic.  Please contact me directly at the Contact Us Tab so we can talk further.  Either way, welcome to the stream of unlimited healing potential!

We look forward to working with you!  Thanks for visiting!

Yours in Health,

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Sandra Hickman, MA, CCHT, Phd Candidate, Natural Medicine


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