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Send & Receive Healing Intentions with the Field


“Our natural state of being in in relationship, a tango, a constant state of one influencing the other.” – Lynn McTaggert

We are adding to and taking from this field of influence continually. It is as if there is a large supply of information in the universe and we tap into it with our thinking and intentions on a constant basis.

Not happy with your current state of wellbeing?

If our thinking is on illness, what is wrong, or what could be wrong… we are tapping in, with the multitudes of others to a field of common interest that is the same. Because this information exchange involves energy, we pull from the pool what issues and concerns others are experiencing that are an energetic equivalent to what we are experiencing. From this standpoint, we begin to see how a small thought can become a huge obsession. We can create a pipeline of emotional turmoil and not understand why we have become so upset.

What to do about it:

Notice that not all of this energy is yours. Much of it is someone elses – a contributor to the field of energy you have tapped into with your thinking. When you realize this is happening, you can cut off the flow of un-resourceful energy through three simple steps.

  1. Cancel Clear. Cancel and clear your message to the field. You can say this out loud.
  2. Determine how much is yours. Ask, “Is this mine or is this someone else’s?” Send back to the field what is not yours with love and request it be transmuted towards positive outcomes.
  3. Immediately change your thoughts. Simply move into your next best thinking.

Tap back in to the field for healing energy!

After you have cut off your connection to the field of un-resourceful energy, you are ready to tap into the Healing Intentions in the field. These are the thoughts and actions geared toward healing, rejuvenation, and wellbeing. Start with your thinking. Know that with the power and force of your thoughts and intentions, you will begin drawing toward you the energy that supports your thinking.

The energetic equivalent of your thinking will show up. Many people report shifts which include accelerated healing and recovery. You may notice changes in relationships. Negative people drift away. Positive people cross your path. Every new thought towards health and wellbeing allows you to tap into this field in a stronger and stronger way. When you begin to master the focus of your attention in ways that bring clarity to what outcome you want, you will transform!

Give back to the field for others to heal!

When you connect to the field with positive healing intentions, you are contributing to the healing of others, not just yourself. In much the same way as you receive healing energy, you offer healing energy to other people who are tapping into it just like you are. When we express gratefulness and appreciation for our health and wellbeing, we are continuing to nourish this space so that it grows, becomes dominant, and can create greater healing for others.

Healing Affirmation: I send positive healing intentions to others, offering an expansion of possibilities into the field. I receive healing from the field of infinite possibilities in ways that improve my health and wellbeing.

Thanks for listening!

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