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Thought Form Healing: Transmute the Pattern


In the field of infinite possibilities, there are Thought Forms that represent categories of thinking. When we put a common label on something, we are calling forth the thoughts and energies that are attached to it.

Do you know someone whose relationship changed once they got married?

Marriage is a thought form which includes rules, expectations and societal norms. The beliefs about marriage have joined into a large field of information which is tapped into when we begin to think of ourselves as congruent with the ideas of marriage. Some people report that their relationship was ‘just fine’ until they got married. Somehow things shifted and changed.

What about divorce?

I remember going through a divorce and being determined to not use that word! Every time I would mention ‘divorce’ to anyone, it seemed like a flurry of un-resourceful energy would begin to flow:

  • Hardship
  • Sadness
  • Loss
  • Bankrupcy

I was set on NOT tapping into those norms and rules!

Can we simply call it something else?

To streamline the ability to create your own rules, using other labels, even ridiculous ones, can help. This confuses the mind so that the old program with its rules and expectations does not automatically show up. It also creates disturbance when connecting to the field of information, so that you don’t receive a flood of energy that works counter to your intentions.

As I was struggling through grief over the loss of a loved one, I noticed how it seemed I was always connecting with widows. After I began to rename my experience from one of loss to one of rebirth, I noticed how others who successfully navigated through death were showing up around me. This gave me courage to continue to step through my experience to the other side of newness.

What about patterns that need an overhaul?

We can begin to think of familiar things in new ways so that the energy begins to transmute. Give a new meaning to something. Ask yourself what else is possible with the situation. This can feel challenging if you are holding onto a belief that something is a certain way. When we justify, we constrict our awareness in ways that can limit our experience.

Is the pattern a story that you have held onto, based on experiences you have had? Who would you be without the story? If you never told the story again, would anyone miss it? If you told the story a different way with different outcomes, would it change how you feel? Would it change what energy shows up around you in the form of people, places and experiences?

When the story is the same story others are telling, we have surrounded ourselves with likeminded thinkers to support our views. This can be helpful if you are aiming for a massive change! If it bogs you down and creates unrest, it’s time to consider finding others who tell a different story about the same thing.

When you take a familiar subject and give it new meaning it shifts the energy in the thought form. In this way, you are adding value by contributing to the field of possibilities. It creates space for new information which others can tap into in ways that support them.

When you are passionate about changing something, simply focusing on what needs to change will contribute to more of what you don’t want. Complaining, criticizing and projecting disharmony will allow others to continue to do the same. If it is peace you are seeking, spending your energy in unrest is counterproductive. When we are transforming, our dominant energy must be on the outcome we desire.

Healing Affirmation: The words I use to describe my experiences tap into the field of energy that is positive, resourceful and contributes to mine and others wellbeing.

Thanks for listening!

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