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Be Brave and Step Into the Gap!


There is a gap between what you know and what you think you know.

Can you find it?

When you begin to observe how you perform routines in thought and action you can notice that this habitual action may have more to do with what you think you know. At some point in time, you assigned a meaning to an experience, maybe one that is similar to what you are experiencing now. You thought about it and even had an emotional reaction to it. Your body mind memorized it so that if anything else similar shows up, the program, including the emotional cocktail, is deployed! Voila! Ever over reacted to a situation? This is a perfect example!

Maybe this programmed reaction does not serve you now. What is happening now may have less to do with your previous experience than what you think! Your memorized way of acting might not actually be appropriate for the current situation. Sometimes we think we know what is going on. But without conscious awareness – without observing your own process – can you be sure that the response you are projecting is true?

True knowing comes when you notice this is happening and determine whether that way of thinking serves you.

Sometimes we must consider that the meaning we gave certain experiences – events and traumas even – were made with information we had at the time. Some of the information might be appropriate and some of it might have been inappropriate.

Can you consider for a moment that they are really lies? These false meanings we gave experiences when we had limited information… could just be lies! After all, with age and wisdom, much more information is available to determine the meaning of things. Why hold on to obsolete information that no longer serves you.

To be safe, you can always go back to the lie! You memorized it!

When you are willing to consider that there are other possibilities of thinking….

When you realize these programmed reactions no longer serve you….

This simple awareness can open your eyes to change in ways that can dramatically improve your health and wellbeing, your service to others, your happiness! Just noticing what is available is all that is necessary because once you see the truth… once you realize what true knowing is…. You will examine all your thoughts to determine where the gap is! Filling it with the light of awareness, shifting your consciousness will be easy, and suddenly you will feel free!

Healing Affirmation: I am willing to observe my thinking and consider other possibilities that may not previously been in my awareness.

Thanks for listening!

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