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Create a Life Line to Find Your Way


Nature has a cycle of support. The flower creates the nectar for the hummingbird and bees. The birds feed on the seeds and as the seed disperses, more flowers emerge. They cannot thrive without being a life line to each other. You might notice this in your life when it seems like exactly what you need shows up when you need it.

1980’s Thinking:

As a senior female entrepreneur, I remember days in corporate America when we discussed the glass ceiling. I remember helping to organize women into executive development programs. The female executives always balked. They had worked hard, under strict male rules, to achieve success. Associating with other women continued to separate them from the men at the board room. In fact, women dressed like men with bowties and suits. Many of these women resisted helping others develop below them. After all the work they had done to achieve their level, they did not want any competition from other women rising in the chain of command.

Sadly, I know this is still happening. I call it 1980’s thinking.

The Glass Ceiling is still there, but it has been broken and generations of women are now understanding the importance of creating what I call life lines for themselves and others. There is a new business model that is filled with feminine nurturing energy. These women hold the space so others can proceed.

The original pioneers who broke through the ceiling are to be admired. The view that there is the inevitable follower who claims the territory at the expense of the one who blazed the trail is fading. Wise Women are extending support and a hand so that others can surpass their path and blaze new trails. This hand over hand gesture which allows us to put another before ourselves, while we stand firm in the gap, is the new way of community in business.

So, extend your hand to someone today. Help them over the gap. Hold the space while they cross from one place to another. Know that when it’s your turn, there will be someone there to take your hand and help you over too. Today, be a bridge.

Healing Affirmation: I stand in the gap for others so that new trails can be blazed knowing that my turn will come for someone to help me on my path.

Thanks for listening!

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