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Use Reciprocity to Heal Yourself

Reciprocity is an energetic exchange.  We experience it all day long, whether we know it or not.  You exist in relationship to that which is around you.  You are in energetic exchange with your device as you read this article.  There is a reciprocal process at work which gives you information that you receive, process and then decide a next course of action.  Hopefully you are reading on!

Take a moment and realize that the reciprocal nature of all that we do is a natural process.  Your body is working right now using reciprocity as an underlying natural law.  You give to your body and receive from your body the benefits or consequences of your action.  If you eat well and exercise, you are likely to experience greater vitality.  If you drink lots of alcohol and watch TV, you may feel lethargic and gain weight.  Of course, everyone is different and we all receive and process things differently.

Keeping this in mind you can realize that nothing is free.  Everything has a cost because in the energetic exchange of its being, something was offered and something was received.

When you are aware of this in EVERY aspect of your day, you notice more in your surroundings.  You find gratefulness for what is showing up around you, even if it is the parking lot outside of the store you have stopped to shop at!  You begin to realize that your intentions and thinking about things changes with this awareness.

How are you interacting with your environment?

Is the reciprocal exchange a healthy trade off of energy for you?

Are you grateful for what is showing up?

Can you see how this never-ending process of energetic exchange either fuels you or deprives you?

When you become conscious of this process, you can begin to allow yourself the healing experience it offers.  For example, when you begin to understand that your energies are being reflected back to you, you can start managing them better.  Why not consider that healing thoughts, directed towards another, can mirror back to you in ways that are healing for you!

When you contribute to the healing of someone else, you are allowing the energy to move.  Movement is the very nature of reciprocal energy.  It will return to you!

Start today and allow someone to depend on you for their healing experience.  Listen.  Be present.  Where have you not been congruent in following through on a commitment to someone else? Take action now and serve another.  It will be healing for them.  You will feel better after you create the energetic exchange.

Healing Affirmation:  I engage reciprocity as an energetic exchange that creates balance and peace in my life.

 Thanks for listening!

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