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Your imperfections ARE your healing

I witnessed a lame bird today, limping with only one functional leg.  I felt sad for it until I realized how well it was coping with its disability.  It was working around the issue.  While it might have been experiencing pain that I could not detect, I admired its strength and perseverance to continue to be what it is supposed to be.  I wondered if it even knew it was lame!

It gave me a different view of how we label and create unresourceful meaning for what we perceive as ‘faults’ or ‘blocks’.   Even those two words create an experience at an unconscious level that does not serve us!  Don’t we all have differences?  It’s the very nature of being an individual.  Finding fault in them is a habit!  Let’s break it now!

Let’s allow ourselves to be imperfect and still accomplish what we came here to be!  We know many stories where others’ perceived disabilities are used as strengths.  The individual has transmuted the energy into power.  When you witness them being who they are despite the perceived issue, do you sometimes get a twinge of envy for how they can be so positive in the face of diversity?

You and I can be just like them even if our self-perceived disability is not visible to others.

Find encouragement by looking at the list:  top-10-most-powerful-disabled-people.  These people have obvious imperfections, yet they have risen above them to a level of mastery.  Find the courage to read their stories and learn from their experiences!

Your differences are what makes you strong!  Your individuality is what others love about you!  Your uniqueness is what creates the impetus for healing!  As others look at your perseverance and tenacity in ways that help them be strong in the face of their challenges, you receive their reinforcement and courage in return.

What makes you special is what makes you different!  Love yourself for it!

Healing Affirmation: I love myself through all my imperfections.

Thanks for listening!

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