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How to be Happy More Often Than Not

What is the real source of your happiness?

What really revs you up and gets you going in a positive and uplifting way?

What makes you smile?

How do you find your happiness?

Can you allow this feeling to become so huge that it bursts from you for others to experience?

You can experience more happiness when you choose to experience it.

You can feel happy any time you want to by simply tapping into the energy of happiness through your thoughts and intentions.

Think now of 5 things that make you smile.

Here are a few ideas:

  • A laughing baby.
  • Flowers
  • Sunsets & Sunrises.
  • That comfortable feeling in bed when everything feels perfect and you are falling asleep.
  • Orgasm

As you think about these things, you are pulling up the biochemical cocktail that you memorized when you decided these are happy thoughts. It happens automatically because it is the way you are neurologically wired.  The more you think about them, the more this energy runs through your system.  It is coded to have an emotional impact on you because emotions are biochemical also! As you practice thinking about happy things, those things that make you smile, you will naturally become happier!

Healing Affirmation:  I am a continuous flow of happy energy!

Thanks for listening!

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