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Get the most out of the least amount of TIME! Rewire Your thinking!

I am huge into time management!  That’s probably because I used to think I suck at it!  You too?


I have spent a great deal of TIME trying to figure out how to get more of it.  That’s the way it works you see.  What you focus on not having enough of ends up being a self fulfilling prophecy…. as long as I keep sending out the energy of trying to find more time…. I wind up simply where I don’t have enough of it!  I find myself saying over and over again, in my head (I catch myself at this)… “I am running out of time!”  “I don’t have enough time!” “How can I get more time!”  Do you do this too? 

Approaching things with the attitude of LACK is common.  This is often true with money.  We get exasperated looking at an empty bank account wondering when the money will arrive.  The more we look at the emptiness, the more empty we feel.  The more empty we feel, the more empty it stays!  What you think is what you get.  (You already know this!)

So how can we accomplish more in less time?

How can we reframe our thinking to be able to experience ease and flow while we accomplish things in a shorter time frame?

I have had the experience where FOLDING TIME has resulted in being able to accomplish MORE in LESS time – without rushing!  Would you like to know how to do this?

Five Lessons and an Exercise

Lesson One

Time is a LIE.  Time does not exist.  Can you point to or send me to a “time frame”?  We are fooled into believing that life exists on a timeline.  We believe there is a start and stop to everything.  We were taught this in school, going from one grade to the other, passing or failing.  We measure our progress by comparing ourselves to others along a parallel time line.  This causes us to think that we are either doing well or doing poorly – we are either ‘ahead of the pack’ or ‘behind the curve’.  So what if you were to consider that this is all a LIE?  Would you be willing, just for now at least, to consider:

Time is an irrelevant representation that we have created and bought into which only serves the purpose of organizing and controlling perceived chaos!

Lesson Two

Multi-Tasking does not work!  This 1980’s thinking is an obsolete rationalization for lack of focus and attention.  It is an excuse for saying something is a priority when you really don’t  think it is.  It breeds incongruity – lack of cohesion between what you say and what you do.

Things get done one at a time!

Lesson Three

Perfectionism gets you a ‘mountain out of a mole hill’.  Thinking in “ideal terms” is a nice thought, but sometimes you just have to START!  Action begins one step at a time.  Since time is irrelevant, the size of your step and pace of your walk is irrelevant.  You need not compare your progress to others because it is your own!  Besides, what they think of you and your walk is none of your business anyways.  So make your opinion of theirs equally irrelevant.

Good Enough is Good Enough!

Lesson Four

Everything is dying!  Everything is in the process of birth and death… from trees and living organisms to thoughts and ideas.  Even if you get it done and you think you did it right, right now it’s not what it just was because it already changed!  The point is to take enough action to have a new perspective.  This allows you to make a pivot point and head in a new direction.  It’s ALL a NEW DIRECTION because as soon as you think a new thought, it changed!  Saying you are ‘stuck’ is just another lie!

Move!  You are moving anyways because nothing stays the same.

And for those of you that are saying that the description above is itself a timeline…. living and dying… allow yourself to consider that this is a CYCLICAL  process.  Circles not Lines.  Get it?  If not, go to Lesson Five.

Lesson Five

Change what it means!  Things, events, thoughts, words…. they only have the meaning you give it.  What is complete?  What is done?  What is doing?  You have given these words and ideas a meaning.  Does that meaning serve you?  I am working on my task when I am thinking about working on my task.  This is action, a step, movement.  Whether it is ‘enough’ is based on the meaning you give it in that context and whether you have fully embraced Lesson Three!

The Elegant Time Exercise

Let’s call this ELEGANT!  The meaning of elegance is ” the quality of being pleasingly ingenious and simple; neatness”.  I recently had a client tell me that elegance means:

Accomplishing the most with the least amount of effort

  1. Stand up.
  2. Stretch your arms out wide.
  3. Place your project, task, list, etc out from your head into the space between your hands.
  4. Stretch them out so that you imagine the space filled between your hands.  Visualize all of your thoughts and ideas, lists and tasks, projects and actions completely lining up in front of you.
  5. Leave one hand in place and move the other hand as if you are folding the line in two, allowing the moving hand to meet the stationary one.  Now take the hand that was moving and place it at the halfway point and do it again.
  6. As you continue to shrink the timeline, you will find that it will eventually be a small chunk in one hand.  Much more manageable, yes?

You just played a neurological trick on your mind.  The timeline shrunk but still contains all of your tasks.  Did you lose or gain time?  If you embraced the lessons above, you created the intention in your subconscious mind that you have redirected all of the information and energy – the neural synapses – to creating more time.  You pretty much jumbled up the old thinking.  When you do this exercise, you are reinforcing and anchoring the new idea into your body mind.  Another redirection and confusion tactic.  You must continue to create intention around folding time, creating all of the space you need to accomplish your objectives.  And, as you continue to embrace the lessons, this will happen easily.   You have rewired your thinking to support this intention.  You are congruent – which will streamline your energy flow and create more focus – which gives you the perception of ‘more time’.  You will find that you get more done than you initially expected, got to your destination quicker, and feel more comfortable in the process!

Happy Folding!

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