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Sun City Healing Vortex: Create a Healing Vortex Anywhere


When I first came to Sun City, Arizona, I was told that this place was special.  Every resident I met exclaimed how wonderful this place is and how they loved to live here.  I was spending a great deal of time with my then mother-in-law, Coleen who has since made her transition.  She had been a Real Estate Agent here and had been involved in the community for over 25 years.  She quickly helped me fall in love with this place too, for its many amenities, conveniences and  idiosyncrasies.

If you don’t know anything about Sun City, it is the first Del Webb community built in the 1960’s in three phases for a self-sustaining over 55 population.  It is located Northwest of Phoenix.  Most people are attracted here to have a second snowbird home and ultimately retire.  There are many, many clubs, golf courses, recreation centers!  Because there is not a school district here, the taxes are lower.  As a rule, most areas are well kept, clean and safe.  Daily, people are driving through the neighborhoods in golf carts.  You can find out more here:

In 2016 I opened a healing arts clinic in Sun City called The Healing Intention Community.  I remember when I acquired the space, I had a number of requirements.  Although the building needs some TLC, the engaging inner courtyard has a lovely fountain, is friendly, centrally located & easy to access, and the lease fit my needs!  

Being a practical person who encourages creativity and intuition, I am always curious when strange things happen.  I tend however, to look at things through the lens of relevance.  I do not believe in accidents or coincidences – so when something comes up that grabs my eye, I pay attention.  I am open to understanding different phenomenon.  While others might be fascinated with the appearance of Angels, orbs, auras and the like, I tend to view them as opportunities to understand messages, information and relationships between people, places and things.  I tend not to go overboard with psychic phenomenon partly because I have seen how people tend to rely on those paths for direction when I believe taking personal responsibility and choice is more in order.

That said, as I was beginning to decide on whether to accept the space for the clinic, I submitted the decision to quiet contemplation – what can be referred to as prayer or meditation.  I began to envision a giant bald head before me with glasses, much larger than life, that would appear suddenly and cause me to break out of my state of relaxation.  After several experiences, I asked:  “What do you want?”  to this nameless face.  I believe that if there is a need for me to know why something is happening, I will experience the knowing through my intention to understand.  I heard:  “I want it here!”  I came to realize that what was being communicated to me was a persistent expectation that healing be created in this space and in Sun City.

After sharing with others this strange experience, I was sent a picture of Del Webb on my phone.  I realized that the image I was seeing was strikingly similar to Del Webb himself, as drawn on this magazine front cover.

My goodness!  What a shock!  I soon realized that the location of the clinic is in the 1964 sales building of the Del Webb sales team, now called the Sun City Professional Building.  I also learned that Del Webb’s personal office and desk had been directly above where my offices are currently located in the building.  Several intuitives and mediums began to independently share that they believed this location was a safe and sacred place being guarded by members of the Del Webb team tasked to share his great vision.  Whether you believe it or not, the synchronicity of these events is interesting!

Del had a desire to create the community in a way that would be self sustaining and supportive for the aging population.  To this day, with Del Webb properties all over the country, this original, first development still boasts the amenities created in the 60’s and includes a healthy and robust financial report.  However, what is sorely missing from this vast community are natural and alternative healing options for the increasingly aware population known as the baby-boomers.  There are vast medical complexes surrounding the area, due in part to the partnership with Boswell.  There are beautiful churches throughout the communities.  But for the seeker of new age or more contemporary healing options, there are limited resources.  Is that why I heard Del say “I want it here!”?

Fast forward a few months, and I began to have conversations with people about Sun City as a Healing Vortex of energy.  It seemed that every few weeks, someone would share that they were becoming more and more aware of healing energy in our area.  Some people would idenifity specific locations while others would tell about videos and films they had seen comparing the road structure of Sun City as a healthy living cell.

For those of you who have never visited Sun City, the roads are constructed in circles.  Many say that Del created it this way for safety and security.  For some seniors and visitors, the circular road structure is confusing.  However, if you look at this map, a portion of what is referred to as Phase 2 of the Del Webb community in Sun City, you can see the simplicity of the pattern.

Is Sun City a Healing Vortex?

Could this be Del’s way of incorporating healing into the environment perhaps during a time when talking and planning about such things was not acceptable?  Could this be a hidden resevoir of energy waiting to be acknoweldged and tapped into?  What is a healing vortex anyways???

A VORTEX is simply a circular motion of energy flowing in a direction.  In fact, your toilet is a vortex!  A vortex can circulate up, down, fast, slow, powerfully or subtley. These swirling centers of energy are found naturally in nature.  Energetically, they are described as powerful and transformational healing centers.  In the Earth, intersections of natural electromagnetic earth energy, sometimes referred to as LEY lines, can be places where things feel especially alive with energy.  Some describe the intersecting LEY lines as planet life force energy.  In fact, many churches and castles were built on these intersecting locations which people would pilgrimage to for healing experiences.  Find out more here:

Sedona is well known for having many healing vortexes, as described here:  People report having dramatic experiences visiting these locations, no doubt with the expection of personal transformation and healing.  Some people visit these same locations feeling perplexed, uable to detech any shifts or changes.

The measurement and verification of healing vortexes, ley lines and holy places of healing have remained elusive.  However, many individual reports of healing experiences cause people to continue to seek the energy to help change their lives.

What about the Sun City circles?

After sharing the map of the Sun City road structure to many intuitives, sacred geometry people and interested explorers of strange information and facts, I culled down a list of their most noteworthy observations.

If you consider the large circle of roads near the top of the map, it is marked with 5 or so rings with 5 or so spoke like roads.  It is surrounded by green of the golf course, which is relevant to support the energy.  There is a ‘mouth’ or opening to it, so it has an entrance and an exit.

What the heck does that mean?

The number 5 is said to symbolize God’s grace, goodness and favor toward human.  It is the number of harmony and balance.  Considerated as the mediator between God and the universe, the five is regarded as a symbol of the universe.

I am not sure what the mouth means….  Could it be a directional flow of the vortex?

Regardless of what it all means or does not mean, I have remained somewhat skeptical about healing vortex locations based on my training and understanding about healing and the new laws of physics.

In a class I recently taught, we discussed the Sun City Healing Vortex, looked at detailed maps, shared our experiences and came together for healing.  Some of my students were dismayed to learn that no substantial information emerged to prove the existence of a specific location.  However, having been led through a series of meditation experiences, many of them agreed that the power of our own healing lies within the healing vortexes we create in our bodies and our mind.

Must you go to a specific location to have a healing vortex experience?

That is my question!

You see, the human body is a vortex of energy, always moving and always healing itself.  Noteworthy are the healing energy centers becoming more well known called the Chakras.  Here is an interesting set of discussions around them if you want to learn more:    Most people who are familiar with the standard or more popular 7 chakras will describe them as energy centers which receive and distribute life force energy in the human body.  The ancient Chinese Meridean system is also an energy distribution vehicle in the body.  Acupuncturists have been trained and use this subtle network to restore healing to the body using needles or pressure.

It has come to my awareness that the purpose of this exploration for me, is to bring forth the concept and discussion about healing, healing vortexes, individual responsibility and capability for healing, and how this connects with the intentions we bring forth in our lives.  It occurs to me that the exact location or locations of healing vortexes in Sun City, or anywhere really, is much less relevant than previously thought.   In fact, the idea of the need to pilgrimage to a location to visit healing energy and have a personal experience is now an obsolete understanding of how to claim healing from a Quantum Physics standpoint.

We are able to pull from the field of energy all of the healing vitality we need, nourishing ourselves from within and allowing the healing intention of others to amplify this experience.  If you are familiar with the work of Lynne McTaggart, you will quickly be reminded that the power of prayer, common clear intention, can be amplified in groups and create major shifts in healing not only individuals, but entire populations.  She has proven this scientifically and statistically.  Read her most recent book called The Power of Eight for a summary of the Intention Experiments and her amazing work in this area.

To what purpose do we pursue this knowledge?

Let us now claim our right for healing.

Let us now claim our supernatural ability to call forth healing for ourselves and our communities.

Please stand with me with intention on this evolving subject.  The project of creating healing vortexes in our environment simply through the power of our own healing intentions is intriguing, don’t you agree?

Please email me if you have information or comments on this subject.  I would love you to share in the gathering of information on this topic.

Sandra Hickman

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