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Sun City Healing Vortex March 2018: Create Desire for Change Among Homeless Beggars

Experience the Desire for a Better Life!

We gathered and claimed the common healing intention that the homeless people in our community become instilled with the desire for a better life.

On Sunday, March 4th, 2018 – 9 of us gathered.  We started our experience together by revisiting the latest research in setting intention and manifesting healing.  We have learned that when we come together with clear intentions, the gathering creates momentum – an increase in energetic vibration – which can be used to manifest results.  We know that we draw from the field of possibilities, brining into our presence the prayerful intentions of healing shared by many others besides ourselves.

As we sat in the room together, we experience a great deal of vulnerability.  We have learned that the reciprocal effect of prayerful intention – the compassionate desire to help others – is greater than imagined.  But to be able to experience the mirror effect of our prayers, we must empty ourselves and come to the point where we have set our own issues, problems and concerns completely aside.  We want the spaciousness of our internal energetic selves to be ready and available to received our own healing.

We have started a new tradition for our group, which includes the emptying of ourselves prior to engaging in the work.  We spille dout upon paper all of our issues and concerns.  We allowed ourflow to follow the pen onto paper, releasing all of our selfish interests that brought us there for our own healing.  We know that being of service to others requires this.  We also know that our individual healing is predicated on our ability to do this.  We put our heart and souls into our statements, pictures, thoughts and then released them into a basket representing our desire to let them go.

Following this emotional and vulnerable experience, we engaged in the activation of our healing vortexes within, the energy chakra centers.  We began to experience the  movement of our own energy fields within our now spacious being.

Upon concentrating on the specific intention for our day – to raise the desire among homeless in our community to have a better life – a number of amazing experiences took place.  We know that we are spilling out our emotions and vibrations upon each other, which is one reason we emptied our concerns into the basket.  However, our thoughtful intentions – the compassionate desire to help – resulted in images and ideas, thoughts and stories which began to overlap while we were in 10 minutes of concentrated intention.

For example, one attendee stated she saw a dirty kitchen, cluttered and messy.  She then envisioned a beautiful blue sky with light and airy clouds.  Others began to share experiences they had in their visions – or even in their day – around the kitchen.  Several others reported stories of kitchen events that day.  You might think this unrelated to the experience!  However, this is a clear example of our common and shared energetic connection when we enter into common intentions.  We cannot separate ourselves from each other.  This experience has built our confidence to understand how our thoughts affect ourselves and each other.

Our next meeting with be Sunday, April 1st at 1 pm


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