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Holiday Intention Setting: Start Now!

Holidays are coming and it’s time to start creating positive healing intentions for how you will be over the next two months.  If you train your brain around your healing priorities, when compromising situations arise, you will be prepared subconsciously to deal with them.  Instead of getting triggered into eating too many sweets or drinking […]

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Create a Life Line to Find Your Way

  Nature has a cycle of support. The flower creates the nectar for the hummingbird and bees. The birds feed on the seeds and as the seed disperses, more flowers emerge. They cannot thrive without being a life line to each other. You might notice this in your life when it seems like exactly what […]

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Focus Energy for Exponential Healing

Are you suppressing or expressing yourself? When you deny yourself the experience you are having, you are suppressing something. When you express your experience, you bring it to your awareness. Awareness allows you to look at it with clarity. Clarity offers you a view of other possibilities. When you experience what can be possible, beyond […]

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Feeding or Starving the Thought Form?

    Thoughtforms are accumulations of energy surrounding a group of thoughts on a particular subject. They are the thoughts about something that are shared by many others. The energy of these thoughts accumulate and create a sort of consciousness for themselves. Often they can become so pervasive as to be called a societal norm […]

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Build Awareness About Your Personal Rhythm

  A rhythm is a strong, regular, repeated pattern of movement or sound. Everything is moving in a state of energetic vibration. Everything has its own rhythm. What is your rhythm? We all have different habits of being. Routines are a natural process of following a memorized pattern and can become part of our rhythm. […]

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