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Holiday Intention Setting: Start Now!

Holidays are coming and it’s time to start creating positive healing intentions for how you will be over the next two months.  If you train your brain around your healing priorities, when compromising situations arise, you will be prepared subconsciously to deal with them.  Instead of getting triggered into eating too many sweets or drinking […]

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Thought Form Healing: Transmute the Pattern

  In the field of infinite possibilities, there are Thought Forms that represent categories of thinking. When we put a common label on something, we are calling forth the thoughts and energies that are attached to it. Do you know someone whose relationship changed once they got married? Marriage is a thought form which includes […]

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Does thinking create wellness or illness?

How aware are you about your thinking, feelings, beliefs and attitudes about your own health and well being? What you see around you, including your physical health is a direct reflection of your inner mind.  Are you chronically stressed, angry or resentful?  Likely you experience pain, illness or disease. Are you positive, peaceful and relaxed?  […]

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