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The Healing Intention Community & Clinic – Your Safe Place to Heal

Just being here NOW, on this page, entitles YOU to have an experience with the Healing Intention Community! Pause now and receive all of the positive healing intentions that are flowing your way!

We offer alternative options for your healing.  It may be a different method or technique, a different way of thinking, a new approach, or something your never heard before.  In Healing Arts, there are many different methods and approaches to healing.  Without deciding one method is better or worse than another, we allow for individual preference and creativity.  We become open to the possibilities.  When we are open to possibilities for healing, we raise our awareness.  Our awareness can include realizing what we believe about healing and whether those beliefs serve our highest best good.  We teach that we can always change our mind – rewire our thinking – towards greater well being and joy.  When we do, we begin to manifest the healing and well being we desire.  As options emerge, we empower them to support us.  This activates our own ability to heal in ways you never might have thought possible.  What works for YOU is what is RELEVANT.  As you explore what this community can offer you, please keep yourself open to all of the possibilities for your wellness, even those you might not have previously considered.

Your presence in this field of common beliefs around healing is RIGHT NOW causing you to experience an acceleration, even a jump start, in healing physical, emotional or spiritual issues that you may be experiencing.  Can you feel it?

As you remain engaged and curious you begin to venture into the field of all healing possibilities.  You may not realize this yet, but this experience is wired for you to succeed.  You will accelerate your healing!

This community activates consciousness, accesses healing energy, seeks support in the universe to heal us.  Whether you believe in God or have another name for an all-knowing, ever-present love, we tap into this consciousness which allows us to exponentially heal. Regardless of your beliefs, if we join hands in our mutual self healing, we tap into multitudes of others who share the same intention.  Intention is exquisite and when it is clear, specific and shared, it is divine.

Now is the time to maximize your healing potential in the field  of common healing intention!


Join & Get Healing Vibes!