This class is designed to introduce you to the beneficial aspects of CBD by having a unique, in-class experience. After a brief overview of CBD and its applications, you will be asked to complete a Subject Consent Form to participate in a study designed to determine the efficacy of CBD delivered in sound. Participants will be invited to experience CBD, the non-psychoactive hemp derived cannabinoid via sound or sublingual drops while gathered in the classroom. There is no charge for samples used as part of the study and students may elect to observe rather than participate. This class is for you if you wish to help create a data base for PhD level research into the efficacy of CBD and CBD in sound and want to learn more about its use and effects. As a group, we will seek to address issues commonly sought by those using CBD for pain and/or tension. Sandra Hickman, owner of the Healing Intention Community’s Blu Bliss CBD Dispensary will educate you about CBD, Digital Sound Remedies and her PhD Research. (This is the first of two experiments being held this term. Students are asked to participate in only one.)
Students must be members of RISE. This is an adult learning program that offers hundreds of on-line and live classes for a very low cost.

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If you have a desire to be part of the class but are not a RISE member, please send an email to