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Sandra Hickman, Owner Practitioner at the Healing Intention Community Clinic

Let’s create a safe space for healing on all levels;  emotional, spiritual, vital and physical.


At the age of 39 I was a successful executive navigating the fast paced world of corporate America. My mental and physical limits were constantly being stretched and my overall health was both out of my control and out of control. I was chaotically trying to treat health issues through advice from doctors, friends, and family but their singularly focused solutions only helped in some areas, not all. Ultimately, the stress on my mind and body generated a near heart attack. This was beyond devastating both mentally and physically and to realize that it would happen again if I didn’t do something about it, caused some serious soul searching.

Many of you can relate to the overwhelming feeling and incredible pressure created by the mental and physical challenges we face.  We search for a magical pill that will eliminate all our problems. Because it doesn’t exist we resort back to approaches that deal with one issue at a time. Lots of these options claimed to improve my well being only to be complicated, time consuming, expensive and worst of all…. made me feel worse!  Yes, the science and medical communities have truly advanced our general well-being and healthcare, but how often do they offer or provide effective holistic solutions?

I decided that letting someone else direct my well being just doesn’t feel right.

So I went on a quest. I spent the last decade and a half  trying all sorts of things. If no ‘one thing’ would help me or anyone else feel well consistently, I wanted to find the few that, when put together, would get most of the way there.  I have always pushed boundaries, rarely asking permission to try what’s different. I like shining the light on something new and seeing what’s familiar from new perspectives. So, I immersed myself in plenty of things.  I got more degrees and credentials.  I witnessed many healings, miracles and shifts in both myself and others.

The Healing Intention Community Tenets were gathered together from these experiences.

I learned that as individually different as I am from you, we still share the common desire for health, well being and a true ability to heal ourselves.  We could attend the same events and yet describe them differently based on the unique meanings we gave each part of the experience.  Why would healing be any different?  There is no one size fits all.  This is why your willingfulness to take responsibility for your own healing is critical.  You and I must develop adequate self awareness to guide ourselves down the path of right decisions for our individual health.  It is our job.  Delegating our authority to someone else is left for times in our lives when cognitive ability prevents us from making safe decisions for ourselves.

We need a safe place to explore this further, don’t you agree?

The Healing Intention Community Clinic was created as a safe landing and launching space to share healing.

A healing vortex is created, and indeed accelerates, when purposeful, concentrated awareness is brought to it.  We want a storm of energy swimming in the ethers of the community, concentrating in ways that can be felt throughout the field, accelerating our healing to levels that both astonish and solidify our faith in God and our right to be whole.

Part of community is the act of touching, feeling, seeing and hearing ourselves through others who are joining us in a common experience.  Having a clinic opens the doors to all of these possibilities – the ones that require a physical aspect we are familiar with when we attend an event, hear someone speak passionately about a common interest, look into the eyes of a trusted friend who has your common healing intentions in mind….  A community clinic brings us together in a way that speaks to our innate desire for personal connection with others.

A community like this needs people like you to be involved.  Tap into the constant flow of healing energy from the Healing Intention Community.

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Practitioner Biography:

Sandra Hickman, MA, CCHT is a Master Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapist® who is passionate about shining the light on something new and seeing what’s familiar from new perspectives.  By using a variety of techniques including hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming, and energy therapies combined with curiosity, intuition and practicality, she is able to help people bridge the gap between what they know and what they think they know.

You see, your body and mind may not be in sync.  You may think you are doing everything to heal!  But if you are not in alignment in both body, mind and spirit, you may be sabotaging your progress in ways you are not conscious of.  As a Healing Coach, Sandra helps people accelerate their healing.  People who suffer from physical ailments, emotional upsets, trauma, chronic stress, and overall lack of well being can shift from being stuck in a rut to feeling the momentum of healing.

As owner of the Healing Intention Community, she creates space for people to accelerate healing and reinvent themselves.  Sandra conducts classes at the Healing Intention Community Clinic and is available for speaking engagements.  Her lectures on reducing toxic thoughts and stress and rewiring your brain create an environment for maximizing healing potential.  She enjoys sharing the tools and techniques to take responsibility, receive full healing potential, and shift to a new, better version of ourselves.  In her classes, she brings like minded people together to accelerate healing through mindful group intention and meditation in a community of positive healing intentions.  Her teaching style is provocative, funny, and empowering.

Her private consultations help people make the shift by creating a safe and empowering environment to dig deep, share vulnerability, and create space for new possibilities.  As a Healing Coach, she uses hypnotic meditation, trauma release and advanced energy shifting along with cutting edge sound healing techniques including Digital Homeopathy, a unique way of receiving remedies to activate the body’s natural healing abilities.  Click here to learn more about her Full Sensory Sound Healing Sessions.

Sandra holds a variety of healing arts certifications and is currently a candidate for her PhD and Doctorate in Natural Medicine. she has integrated her techniques into comprehensive experiences for her clients.  Her qualifications include:

Candidate – PhD, Doctorate and Masters in Natural Medicine, International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine
Masters Degree in Labor and Industrial Relations, Michigan State University
Bachelor’s Degree in Natural Medicine, International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine
Bachelor’s Degree in Employee Relations, Industrial Sociology and Political Science; Michigan State University
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Certified Practitioner, Holographic Memory Resolution®
Master Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapist®
Neuro-Linguistic Coach®
NLP Master Practitioner®
Certified Practitioner in Human Interaction Technology®
Reiki Master Practitioner
Certified Bioresonance and Biofeedback Technician
Digital Homeopathist
Psych-K Advanced Practitioner
Access Consciousness BARS certified
Pranic Healing  & Jin Shin Do Acupressure

Thank you for reading this page and showing your interest and support in our growing community.  I look forward to seeing in a class or private session.

In Love and Light,


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