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The Healing Intention Community Tenets

The basis for how the field of accelerated healing works.

Like many healing communities, creating common intention is important.  Joining this community means accepting our joint intention for self healing.  We have 7 tenets or beliefs about healing.  We hold them as principle truths.  They are not just positive healing affirmations.  These have far greater meaning.  Take a few minutes and read through them out loud.  Something exciting happens when you hear yourself proclaim your right to wellness.  The neurology in your brain and body responds to these statements in ways which can create major shifts.  I am not sure if you will experience these shifts now, or after you read them out loud several times, but each and every time you proclaim these beliefs, your body begins to pave new connections which support the belief.  More and more, as you create a consistent channel for healing, you will begin to notice shifts, maybe tiny at first, but growing bigger and bolder over time.  One day you may notice a miraculous change that causes you to reflect back on this experience with aw and wonder.  That day and time could be today!  Congratulations!  You have entered the vortex of healing energy we hold in sacred space here at the Healing Intention Community.

Reminder:  Repeating these out loud activates your healing potential.

  1. I take responsibility for my health and well being.

  2. I desire freedom and independence from systems and processes which attempt to categorize me in ways that I determine do not serve me.

  3. I understand that healing occurs at many levels, including physical, mental, vital and spiritual.

  4. I am open to all of the possibilities for my healing, including those that I may never have considered due to my beliefs.

  5. No one knows me better than myself and I am the complete and total authority over what takes place with me.

  6. I understand that healing can show up in many forms and that sometimes the path to my awareness of this healing can seem difficult or even worse than when I began.

  7. I believe that where two or more meet in healing agreement, that the positive intentional outcome of healing will be experienced by us all.

Get a PDF of these tenets:  Healing Intention Community


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